What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film / PPF

The visual condition of your car can be negatively affected by everyday use and road threats. As the automotive vinyl industry specialists we want to acknowledge our customers with an option that can protect their vehicles.

All automotive enthusiasts are keen to invest into their vehicles to prolong their life.

PPF like of XPEL, SunTek, Bodyfence, Flexishield, Kavaca, Stek, Avery Dennison SPF-XI and GSWF not only protects your vehicle’s paint, but also maintains the value of your car.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) protects car paint from stone chips, sand, road debris, bug acids and other harsh conditions that may damage your new car paint. All these hazards take a toll on your car over time. Self healing PPF is a low maintenance and great looking solution for protecting your investment.

Current PPF brands guarantee the film won’t get yellow, show orange peel or crack over time. Instead it has self healing and hydrophobic properties to help keep it clean.

Paint Protection Film Protects Against:

  • - Stone chips
  • - Tree Sap
  • - Scratches
  • - UV
  • - Gravel
  • - Bug Acid
  • - Bird Droppings
  • - Acid Rain
  • - Oils
Wrapvirus Paint Protection Film wraping carWrapvirus Paint Protection Film wraping carWrapvirus Paint Protection Film wraping car

PPF Experience

Wrap Virus has been professionally installing PPF since 2013. This gives us the experience we need in order to fully understand how it should be installed.

We have used and worked with many different PPF brands and have also tested them in real life. We have analysed how products of different brands work, how are they performing, how easy or difficult to install the film and which one of them has the best finish. We have wrapped more than 300 full cars using PPF of different brands. Until now we had opportunity to work with GSWF, Suntek, Hexis (Bodyfence), Xpel, Flexishield, Stek, Avery Dennison SPF-XI and ClearShield, 3M Scotchgard.

We are proud to have the opportunity to work on some of the world’s most unique cars and obtain customers trust.

Wrapvirus Paint Protection Film wraping carWrapvirus Paint Protection Film wraping carWrapvirus Paint Protection Film wraping car

What is the best brand of paint protection film?

The industry is constantly growing and new competition keeps stepping up the standards. Almost all brands offer now a smoother, self healing finish with a hydrophobic top coat and advanced adhesive backing that results in cleaner installs, a glossier finish, and lower maintenance film. Moreover all latest GSWF, SunTek, Stek, Bodyfence, Kavaca and XPEL films are also carrying a 10 years warranty. As of 2020, we are fans of GSWF, SunTek Ultra, and XPEL.

Finishes – Gloss or Satin (Matte)


– It’s the most popular PPF used due to its protective qualities as well as its ability to maintain the vehicle’s high gloss appearance without added orange peel texture seen in other films. The surface of SunTek, Bodyfence, XPEL, GSWF, Kavaca, Stek is so glossy and so smooth it is looks exactly like a well polished high-gloss coat of paint. Track cars, luxury/exotic vehicles and automotive collectors all seek the same properties in a protective film.


– A factory painted satin black Mercedes Benz G63 AMG for example, would require a satin PPF, to keep the same look and finish of the satin paint. Satin/Matte paint protection film can also turn a gloss car into a satin/matte finish without any alteration to the vehicle’s current paint. Satin paint protection film is quite popular among exotics, race cars, hot rods and those looking for a bold presence.

The picture below shows a 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series we have protected with Suntek matte paint protection film. Suntek matte PPF offers the same matte look as the high-end matte paints. This way you can keep the matte look, yet still get the protection your car deserves.

Wrapvirus Paint Protection Film wraping carWrapvirus Paint Protection Film wraping car

Paint Protection Film and Custom Stripes

One of the common questions we get from our potential customers is about combining PPF and custom design wrap or stripes. We recommend to install paint protection film first, to protect original car paint and then add other parts, like stripes. You can always switch out your stripes, but PPF is meant to be a long term investment.

However PPF can be installed over custom designed wrap, if your priority is to protect it.

Wrapvirus Paint Protection Film wraping car

PPF Accessories

Paint protection film is also commonly used for a small parts, spot treating on important areas, or accents. Our days it is very popular to use gloss black paint protection film for roofs, bonnets or mirrors. Another great example is stone guards for the front of the rear fenders on Porsche 911 cars. Also you can use tinted PPF for headlights and taillights to change their appearance and add extra protection.

Wrapvirus Paint Protection Film wraping carWrapvirus Paint Protection Film wraping carWrapvirus Paint Protection Film wraping car